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How to Tow Your Boat to the Beach

RAM truck towing a boat

It’s about to be beach weather, and this weekend might be the perfect time to hitch your boat to your truck and take it out onto the water. If you’re not sure how to load and tow your boat or you just need a refresher, simply follow these easy tips.

Before you load the boat, redistribute the weight of the equipment on the boat so it’s roughly even in the front, back, and sides. This will make it safer to drive, especially when making turns. Secure the boat to the trailer with ratchet straps and make sure the trailer’s winch strap is attached to the bow eye.

Walk around the vehicle and inspect it to make sure everything is in place and the vehicle and trailer are parallel to the ground. Check the straps and winch again after driving it a mile, then check it again a few miles after that to make sure nothing has come loose.

When driving, give yourself more time to stop, as the boat’s weight will increase your vehicle’s momentum. Drive slowly, and avoid sudden stops or turns. Avoid passing, since you’ll need much more space than usual to do it and it will take longer to get up to passing speed.

These simple safety tips should help you get your boat to the beach for a fun-filled weekend!

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