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2016 Ram Heavy Duty Capability Wins Three Awards


We all know that person that excels at everything, always winning awards and getting promotions. Well, in the automotive industry, that person would be the 2016 Ram Heavy Duty. Raking in awards left and right, the Heavy Duty recently added three more honors to its substantial list.

According to Chrysler, the 2016 Ram Heavy Duty capability earned recognition Best-in-class Power, Towing Capability, and Payload Capacity. Between the 1500, 2500, and 3500 models, the Heavy Duty is one of the most capable trucks in the world.

“Ram maintains leadership in all three pickup segments offering best-in-class fuel efficiency, best-in-class towing, best-in-class power and best-in-class payload,” said Bob Hegbloom, President and CEO of Ram Truck Brand. “Ram continues to break records in the most important consumer-driven titles of the pickup truck market and we’re not slowing down.”

With up to 900 lb-ft of torque, a 31,210-lb towing capacity, and up to 17,980 lbs in payload capacity, the Heavy Duty is no slouch. If you want a truck that can get the job done no questions asked, you want the 2016 Ram Heavy Duty.

Avoiding Drowsy Driving: Tips to Stay Alert


Drowsy driving is something many people encounter, especially when they’re on the road late at night. Although there’s no way to measure tiredness, driving while sleepy is comparable to driving while under the influence. We’ve put together tips on avoiding drowsy driving to help you stay safe behind the wheel.

Aside from simply pulling over, the best thing to do is plan trips with a companion. According to The Sleep Foundation, many sleep-related accidents occur when the driver is alone. If you know you’ll be driving early in the morning or late at night, take a friend to keep you alert.

Avoid alcohol and medication if you know you’ll be driving. Even if you don’t drink enough to exceed the legal limit, any amount of alcohol can increase drowsiness. If you do any drinking, don’t drive.

Although you should consult a doctor or dietician first, caffeine is a good way to stay awake for many people. While there can be adverse side-effects, drinking two cups of coffee is usually enough to keep most people alert for short periods.

Last but not least, plan trips accordingly. If you know you have to drive for extended periods of time, make sure to plan ahead for naps and adequate stops. Knowing when to rest could save your life in the long-run.

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