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MAMA Designates Chrysler 200 Family Vehicle of the Year

The Midwest Automotive Media Association, otherwise known as MAMA, is a non-profit group composed not only of automotive journalists but also other industry professionals. Every year they hand out a variety of awards, one of which is the Family Vehicle of the Year. To qualify, a vehicle must have four doors and be priced under $50,000.

For 2015, the Chrysler 200 took the crown. In response, Al Gardner, President and CEO of the Chrysler brand, said in a press release that the company was “delighted” by this award. He outlined all of the family-friendly features with which Chrysler bestowed the Chrysler 200—features that undoubtedly helped the sedan win, such as “a class-leading available all-wheel-drive system,” “60 safety and security features,” and its overall “clever design.”

Who better to judge the merits of an automobile than automotive journalists? They not only spend all of the livelong day thinking about automobiles, they also regularly test-drive the things, and are many times the first people to do so.

The MAMA president highlighted probably the most significant aspect of the award; that is, that many of the judges have family themselves.

Chrysler Launches New Multicultural Campaign for Chrysler 200 Sedan

Chrysler takes US Hispanic media by storm in its new multicultural campaign starring the all-new Chrysler 200 and actor Gael García Bernal.

The campaign includes a series of four commercials as well as interaction with consumers through digital and social platforms.

The four commercials can be viewed on Univision and Telemundo. The first aired on March 4th. In case you don’t know a lick of Spanish, the commercial covers a conversation between a young boy and Bernal.

The boy, Paquito, confronts Bernal within his Chrysler 200 (because that’s where all great conversations happen) and explains that he is the young Bernal paying his future self a visit. As the conversation continues and Bernal overcomes his confusion with the boy’s presence, he discovers Paquito is actually the younger version of his neighbor, Paco, who is not nearly as cool or as good-looking as Bernal. He also does not own a Chrysler 200, we might add. Needless to say, the boy chooses to stick with Bernal and the Chrysler 200, and leave his ordinary future behind.

“This campaign’s unique creative uses humor, cultural cues and the spirit of individuality to capture our millennial audience’s attention, and its charm rests squarely on the enormous appeal of Gael, one of the premier Hispanic actors of his generation,” said Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer for FCA – Global.

“The episodic storyline focuses on Gael and Paquito’s endearing relationship while at the same time authentically introduces consumers to the 2015 Chrysler 200 and its class-leading features, including smart technology, advanced manufacturing and quality, and distinctive design.”

Whether you watch it in Spanish or English, the campaign’s message is clear: You should be headed to Sierra Chrysler for your all-new 200 sedan today.

Chrysler Innovation History: A Legacy of Engineering

“Chrysler was founded on the philosophy of design with purpose. To build revolutionary new cars – affordable luxury vehicles known for their innovative, forward-thinking engineering. And it is our purpose today and for tomorrow.”

Founded in 1920 by ex-Studebaker engineers, the first Chrysler production vehicle was the revolutionary Chrysler Six in 1924. A leader in innovation, Chrysler was the first brand to manufacture and mount engines to isolate vibration, implement replaceable oil filters, downdraft carburetors, and one-piece curved windshields.  In 1952, the company developed its V8 “HEMI” which combined better combustion and higher compression with lower heat loss to generate more power than previous V8s.

In the ’50s, the brand’s sleek Chrysler 300 trail-blazed design with its tailfins and power, setting speed records across America. The company also revolutionized auto standards that decade by introducing the first safety cushion dashboard and power steering.

Chrysler has thrived with the Cordoba of the ’70s, the Town and Country Minivan of the ’80s, the Sebring convertible of the ’90s, the PT Crusier of the 2000s, and the all-new Chrysler 200 of today. We at Sierra Chrysler are proud to be a part of the Chrysler innovation history and look forward to the company’s advancements of tomorrow.

Introducing the Ram Snow Chief Package: Designed for Heavy-Duty Winter Driving

This is the time of year Ram engineers suit up and head north to test Ram pickup capabilities. By testing the new line of trucks in harsh conditions and with plowing equipment, Ram is ensuring your truck is capable of virtually anything.

Ram understands that not everyone is going to need to use their Ram truck to move mounds of snow; however, there’s no better way to test durability and power. In fact, after several years of testing in northern Michigan, we’re happy to see the new Ram Snow Chief Package. According to Chrysler, the Snow Chief is available for most models, including the Ram 2500, 2500, 4500, and 5500—both 4×2 and 4×4 models.

“Only a small percentage of Ram truck owners will subject their truck or van to the harshest winter conditions, but for those who do our durability testing procedures instill confidence,” said Mike Cairns, Director of Ram Truck Engineering.

So what exactly does the Snow Chief Package come with? Owners get an upgraded cooling system, high-amp alternator, anti-spin differential, and heavy-duty suspension among other things. Whether you’re driving in cold winter conditions or plowing back roads, the Snow Chief Package is perfect for anyone who needs a dependable winter pickup.

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