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Great Outdoors Month

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Five Best Midwest Off-Roading Parks for Jeep Owners

Best Midwest off-roading

The Midwest is full of great adventures. That’s why we’ve tried to compile a list of the best Midwest off-roading parks so you can choose your next big journey off the beaten path.

Badlands Off Road Park

Attica, Indiana offers a number of different terrain options in the Badlands, ranging from sand to mud to rocks and more. A campground is provided on the park’s 700 acres of land.

Coal Creek OHV Area

Imagine being in the middle of 72,000 acres of wilderness. That’s where you’ll be at Coal Creek, which offers year-round off-roading fun on 160 miles of trail.

Hannibal Rocks

While the park itself is only 70 acres, the big draw of Hannibal Rocks—located in Hannibal, Missouri—is how often it has big social events for off-roaders.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes State Park

This is possibly the easiest option on the list due to the fact that it’s all sand. It’s a fun option for drivers looking just for a single day of fun, or for nice views of the nearby Lake Michigan.

Superlift ORV Park

Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, this park covers 1,250 acres of land and offers RV campsites. A big perk is that all trails are marked with a difficulty level ranging from Level 1 to Level 5.

This list of the best Midwest off-roading parks isn’t comprehensive, so make sure to look into any number of other fun off-roading areas near you to get the most out of your Jeep!

Celebrate Great Outdoors Month in Ottawa, IL

We have decorated our showroom for Great Outdoors Month.

This is what the Great Outdoors looks like indoors.

If a few of us are missing this June at Sierra Motors Chrysler, we’ll tell you why: it’s Great Outdoors Month! We get the longest days of the year in June and just love to spend them outside in the sun. To celebrate, we have even decorated the dealership with an outdoors theme, including stuffed bears and camping material, and will be auctioning them off to those of you who test drive a new vehicle at our store.

One of our favorite places to go during Great Outdoors Month in Ottawa, IL, is Buffalo Rock State Park. The Rock is located on a bluff that was once an island in the Illinois River and now stands proudly on the north bank, offering a beautiful, sweeping view of the water.

It’s a great area to go camping or picnicking. There are several existing campsites with fire rings accessible only by walk-in or bike-in and picnic areas shaded by mature oaks, hickory, and walnut trees, providing the perfect setting for a family outing or a romantic getaway.

That’s just one of the numerous outdoor areas where you can enjoy nature. How will you celebrate Great Outdoors Month?

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