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All New Fiat Chrysler Models Come with Free Apple Music Trial

Free Apple Music trial | Sierra CDJR | Ottawa, IL

Cool Tunes Trial.

Here at Sierra CDJR, we think there’s nothing quite like listening to your favorite tunes with the wind running through your hair as you drive down the open road. Now, you can find all the music you could possibly want — and some you might not even know about — with ease in all new models in the Fiat Chrysler vehicle lineup. Learn more about the Free Apple Music trial offer.

That’s because the Italian-American carmaker has introduced a free Apple Music trial with every new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat, and Ram purchase when the vehicle is equipped with Apple CarPlay™ smartphone integration.

Stream a Variety of Music.

Apple Music is a service that allows you to stream a variety of music for $9.99 a month. It will automatically give you access to Apple’s extensive 30 million song library, from country and classical to hip-hop and pop. Currently, it has a reported 36 million users, 30 million of which are in the United States alone. By including this free trial with Fiat Chrysler vehicles, the music subscription service hopes to gain market share over its competitor, Spotify.

This year-long promotion is set to begin on May 1. It will cover a six-month subscription to the service, though if you already have a subscription, you can receive three months’ worth of the service for free.

Two Chrysler Concepts You Need to Remember

Chrysler Concept | Ottawa, IL

Chrysler concept cars have a history of anticipating the future of automotive design and styling, boldly predicting what vehicles could look like and how they could perform. Some concepts were more remarkable than others, and we at Sierra Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram like to look back fondly on them. Here are the two Chrysler concepts that are particular favorites.

Chrysler Thunderbolt Concept

This concept car packed both power and style, boasting a 4.0-liter V8 engine with 270 horsepower and a design concept that incorporated elements from the 1941 Thunderbolt concept car, which this updated concept was named after, alongside futuristic design cues. It was sporty, interestingly elegant, and guaranteed to keep your attention as it zipped around like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Chrysler 300 Concept

For the last couple model years, the only vehicles on offer from Chrysler have been the 300 and the Pacifica/Pacifica Hybrid. The Chrysler 300 Concept was unveiled in 1991, with a low-slung front that swept back to create a curvy front and rear end. The front had a distinctive and stylish oval grill pattern that ended up being incorporated into later Chrysler production cars. Remarkable for its time, the concept also included a sort of early keyless start feature which used a key card and ignition button.

We at Sierra Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are proud to sell vehicles by such an innovative and creative automaker.

A Look at the Rare 1933 Chrysler Imperial

rare 1933 Chrysler Imperial

The old Chryslers, like this ’62-’63 Valiant are true treasures.

What makes something classifiably “rare?” How about when only 36 were made almost a century ago? We think that counts – that’s why we’re highlighting the amazingly rare 1933 Chrysler Imperial today.

With America deep in the throes of the Great Depression, 36 was a reasonable production number for this luxurious Chrysler model. The base price of the rare 1933 Chrysler Imperial was $3,395 – a hefty chunk of change in one of the toughest economic eras of all time.

The Imperial featured an inline, 384.4-cubic-inch, 8-cylinder, vibration-free engine (why vibration free? Thanks to Chrysler’s innovative “Floating Power” engine mounts). Today, a recently returned-to-the-light Imperial has been renovated with 1933-era restorations, like hydraulic brakes and a wing-vented second windshield.

The 1933 Chrysler Imperial has to be in the running for being one of the most beautiful vehicles of all time – one look at this phaeton, and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Releases Arsenal of Democracy Documentary

Arsenal of Democracy

World War II may have occurred over 70 years ago, but the memory of the war continues to haunt, terrify, and fascinate the minds of the general public. Countless books, documentaries, movies, television shows, and more have been created based on the tragic conflict. For the automobile industry, the war was not only a major factor in the innovation of new technology, but also the cause of a nationwide halt in the production of civilian vehicles following President Roosevelt’s famous Arsenal of Democracy speech. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles was one of many car manufacturers that stopped production of civilian cars in order to make contributions to the production of war materials, and recently, FCA announced the release of a short documentary about the time period.

Named “Arsenal of Democracy” after Roosevelt’s words, the documentary covers Chrysler’s involvement with the creation of military vehicles. Though the Axis powers laughed at Roosevelts’ production goals, auto manufacturers still managed to accomplish them. Detroit alone managed to create 10% of the tools used in the second World War. The sheer number of military tools produced during that time period had never been seen before — or since.

The documentary was released in honor of the 75th anniversary of Roosevelts’ Arsenal of Democracy speech. The six-minute feature, narrated by historian Brandt Rosenbusch, provides viewers with a closer look at the war vehicles FCA crafted during one of history’s most dramatic production pushes.

Chrysler to Debut New Town & Country Minivan in Detroit

New Town & Country Minivan

Rumors have the new 2016 Town and Country coming out later this year!

While other automakers focus on the increasingly competitive SUV and crossover segment, Chrysler is focusing its efforts on the small but consistent niche market for minivans — specifically, the new Town & Country minivan set to debut at the prolific North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Reports say the 2017 Town & Country will be launched at dealerships sometime early 2016, though no official date has yet been confirmed.

Chrysler’s reasoning behind releasing a new minivan is simply that it now has a complete monopoly over the market. There are still a number of consumers that still want minivans, but they have nowhere else to turn to satisfy their interest in the niche segment, especially after Chrysler follows through on plans to phase out the only other minivan under FCA’s administration, the Dodge Grand Caravan. Chrysler will also be using the new 2017 model year as a testing grounds for their hybrid technology.

The new Town & Country minivan sports a front fascia that resembles the Chrysler 200, as well as a more modern, stylish, and upscale design. While the traditional model is expected in early 2016, the plug-in hybrid variant of the 2017 Town & Country will be released a few months after the initial model’s release.

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