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Best Fall Foliage Drives in the Midwest

Best fall foliage drives in the Midwest

The fall foliage holds some of the most beautiful sights that you can see in Illinois, which is why you should take a drive just to admire it! Here are some of the best fall foliage drives in the Midwest.

Wisconsin River Trail

If you want to take a scenic drive up north, this road is the one to do it on. It’ll take you through hills, woods, and unique towns. Plus, it winds the whole way against the north bank of the Wisconsin River, so the water views will be gorgeous too.

Great River Road at Mississippi Palisades State Park

Head out to the great ol’ west on this route. This road rides alongside another river, the great Mississippi! It’ll also lead you to the gorgeous Palisades State Park, where you can find beautifully cliffs, trees, and even an eagle or two!

Shawnee Hills Wine Trail

The word “wine” is in the name, so it must be included in the list. While the wineries along the way are certainly nice stops (as long as you don’t drink and drive), there are also gorgeous views along this route. You’ll be driving through dense, beautiful woods and bluffs overlooking lakes.

Parke County, Indian Covered Bridges

What’s a crisp, autumn drive without covered bridges? Enjoy the beautiful trees along the curving roads and the classic covered bridges along the way.

How to Change Your Windshield Wipers: A Step-By-Step Process

Change your windshield wipers

If your windshield wipers are in bad shape, they won’t be able to clear your windshield of falling rain and will decrease your visibility in bad weather. So, here’s how to change your windshield wipers when it’s time for new ones!

First, you’ll need to find out what type of wiper-arm mount you have. The three types are hook slot connector, pin type arm, and straight-end connecter. Then follow the appropriate steps below.

Hook Slot Connecter – First, move the blade so it’s sitting straight up. The arm will have a flap that attaches the wiper to the connector. You’ll have to push or pull this, which will release the blade. Do the same to latch the new blade on.

Pin Type Arm – This wiper is very similar to the hook slot connector, except there’s no tab to pull or push. Instead, you’ll find a pin. Press this pin and pull it out to release the blade, and slide it back in to replace the blade. A screwdriver might help in doing this.

Straight-End Connector – You’ll definitely need a screwdriver with this one as it tends to be the most difficult to change. Some of these have a tab you’ll need to release with a screwdriver, and others have a small screw.

Need help? Sierra Motors CDJR is always here to answer your questions, or to change your windshield wiper for you!

Put Summer WingFest in Chicago on Your Calendar

Summer WingFest in Chicago

This is not WingFest, but a picture of the beautiful city it is held in to get your attention.

Saturday, September 5th is on Sierra Motors CDJR’s calendar and we hope that it is on yours as well! Why, you ask? Because it is none other than the day of Summer WingFest in Chicago!

This popular event has been held for the past 16 years in February, but this year has a new date to celebrate the new and improved “Chicago’s Best Summer WingFest”.

WingFest will be held inside and outside of the Bailey Auditorium in the West Loop from 1:00pm – 7:00pm. There will be a large variety of restaurants, craft beers, market venders, carnival games, and music.

If you are a Windy City food lover, you will definitely want to get your tickets quickly, as this event will sell out fast! General admission is $40 and will benefit the Variety the Children’s Charity of Illinois. There are also $100 VIP tickets that include five drink tickets, a goodie bag, and a guaranteed parking spot.

This festival brings the best wing-slingin’ chefs in Chicagoland to a single place and creates one fantastic time for all foodies! Of course, if you need a car to get to Summer WingFest in Chicago, visit us at Sierra Motors!


Fox River Jeep Club Serves the Community

Fox River Jeep Club

At Sierra Motors CDJR, we are proud supporters of the Fox River Jeep Club. Based out of Northeastern Illinois, the Fox River Jeep Club has over 90 Jeepaholics. These Jeepaholics love their vehicles, but they also love their communities and give back every chance they get.

There are yearly events held by the Fox River Jeep Club to give back to the community. They are a chapter of Wheelers For The Wounded which supports the local veterans and have an annual WFTW trail event in August at The Cliffs Insane Terrain.

Another way the group gives back is through their annual Benefit Jeep Show. They collect household items for local homeless women and children. The Jeep Show has a great turn-out and helps those in need.

The members of Fox River Jeep Club have more in common than their vehicles, they also have great hearts for helping others. For more information on the Fox River Jeep Club and to check out all their events, visit their website at:

Jeep Camping Accessories You Should Bring With You

Jeep camping accessories

Jeeps are known for their off-roading capabilities and association with the great outdoors, so it only makes sense that Jeep drivers would want to take their car with them when they adventure to a nearby campground. Because Jeeps are so popular among outdoor enthusiasts, a number of retailers sell Jeep camping accessories that you can latch right onto your vehicle to enhance your experience in the wilderness.

First of all, special camping tents are made for Jeeps that attach seamlessly to a vehicle’s roof racks. On-the-go organizers, special bags and coolers designed just for a Jeep, and floor liners are also available for the camping enthusiast wanting to spice up their ride for the trip. Grab necessities like a First Aid Kit or off-road trail utility tools. Water craft racks, receiver hitches, and more are all available specially-made for Jeep drivers.

If you want to add extra capability to your Jeep and optimize your vehicle’s storage for your next camping trip, keep Jeep camping accessories in mind. You might even just want to enjoy the warm summer air with a special summer top for your Wrangler, or show off your pride with licensed Jeep clothing. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a way to fit it into your Jeep.

Five Best Midwest Off-Roading Parks for Jeep Owners

Best Midwest off-roading

The Midwest is full of great adventures. That’s why we’ve tried to compile a list of the best Midwest off-roading parks so you can choose your next big journey off the beaten path.

Badlands Off Road Park

Attica, Indiana offers a number of different terrain options in the Badlands, ranging from sand to mud to rocks and more. A campground is provided on the park’s 700 acres of land.

Coal Creek OHV Area

Imagine being in the middle of 72,000 acres of wilderness. That’s where you’ll be at Coal Creek, which offers year-round off-roading fun on 160 miles of trail.

Hannibal Rocks

While the park itself is only 70 acres, the big draw of Hannibal Rocks—located in Hannibal, Missouri—is how often it has big social events for off-roaders.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes State Park

This is possibly the easiest option on the list due to the fact that it’s all sand. It’s a fun option for drivers looking just for a single day of fun, or for nice views of the nearby Lake Michigan.

Superlift ORV Park

Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, this park covers 1,250 acres of land and offers RV campsites. A big perk is that all trails are marked with a difficulty level ranging from Level 1 to Level 5.

This list of the best Midwest off-roading parks isn’t comprehensive, so make sure to look into any number of other fun off-roading areas near you to get the most out of your Jeep!

Midwest Jeep Jamboree USA Events

Midwest Jeep Jamboree USA Events

Jeeps are machines built to conquer any road, no matter how rough the terrain is. The best way to put your Jeep vehicle to the test is by participating in a Jeep Jamboree USA trip. Jeep Jamboree USA is an organization that works to bring jeep vehicle owners together to participate in outdoor events across the country. Some of those events take place right here in the Midwest region. If you are looking for a way to explore the rugged wilderness in your Jeep, be sure to participate in one of these Midwest Jeep Jamboree USA events:

Drummond Island, Michigan (June 16-18)

What better way to celebrate any Jeep-loving fathers you know than by taking them to this Michigan-based event during Father’s Day Weekend! The beauty of this Michigan trail is only outmatched by the beauty of Jeep’s vehicles.

Crandon, Wisconsin (July 14-16)

During this event, Jeep drivers will cross a diverse range of environments, including heavily-forested areas and swamps. It’s the perfect place to test just how rugged your Jeep can be!

Williamsburg, Kentucky (October 20-22)

Taking place later this year in the fall, this Jeep Jamboree USA trip involves journeying across the beautiful Kentucky Cumberland Mountains in your Jeep vehicle!

Northern Illinois Places for Off-Roading

Northern Illinois Places for Off-Roading

Some people like to take the road less traveled. This is especially true for those who enjoy off-roading! While this exhilarating activity can result in participants getting pretty dirty, that is half of the fun for them. If off-roading sounds appealing to you, then be sure to stop by these Northern Illinois places for off-roading.

The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off Road Park

Located just an hour west of Chicago, the Cliffs Insane Terrain is one of the best places for off-roading no matter which vehicle you use for the activity. The Cliffs Insane Terrain allows everything, from ATVs to trucks, on their tracks!

Rocky Glen OHV Park

Meanwhile, Rocky Glen OHV Park is located just northwest of Chicago. While off-roading in this location can get riders pretty muddy, Rocky Glen provides them with on-site showers to clean up the mess.

Ki Tracks MX

If you have little ones who are interested in off-roading as well, Ki Tracks MX offers them custom kiddie tracks. It’s a perfect way to get kids who are interested in off-roading involved in the activity!

Has all this talk about getting out and about peaked your interest? Then this summer, head out on the road less traveled by heading to one of these incredible Illinois off-roading locations- and stop by Sierra Motors to get a tune-up on the way.

Jim Gaffigan Stars in “Dad Brand” Ads for 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler Pacifica dad brand

In today’s world, a family with five children is seen as an anomaly. But, comedian Jim Gaffigan and real-life father of five makes the best of it and brings a lot of his parental experiences into his comedy. This is why he is the perfect fit to star in a new series of ads for the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.

The ad campaign is called “Dad Brand” and incorporates Gaffigan’s real-life children and wife into some of the spots. The ads will air on television and online, but you can watch them all now on Chrysler’s YouTube channel.

With the Pacifica, Chrysler is reinventing the minivan from the ground up, after it initially created the segment 33 years ago. The ads work to challenge the stereotypes surrounding minivans and appeal to a broader audience.

“To do that, authenticity is key, with real-life language and an endorser, Jim Gaffigan, who is a real father of five with a strong point-of-view on fatherhood and modern-day parenting,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA – Global, in a statement. “Here you see Jim and his family leveraging the customer benefits of our minivan to enhance his own “Dad Brand” in a relatable and engaging series of sketches that highlight the class-leading features of the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.”

Here at Sierra Chrysler, we can’t wait to try out the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica when it arrives soon on our showroom floor. We also love Jim Gaffigan in these spots and think he is the ideal choice to be the spokesperson for the new Pacifica.

Help Keep Chicago Beautiful during Keep America Beautiful Month

keep Chicago beautiful

Now that spring is well on its way, flowers are blooming and there is green everywhere. But, you probably noticed something else that is everywhere—trash. Every year, April is recognized as Keep America Beautiful month and there are organized clean-up efforts around the country, including here in the suburbs of Chicago.

Here are some events in the Schaumburg area that will help keep Chicago beautiful.

  • Emily Oaks Nature Center Earth Day Celebration. Situated on a beautiful pond in Skokie, IL, this center holds an event every year that is focused on fun, games, and selling local plants. It happens on April 17, 12-4pm.
  • Hoffman Dam – Earth Day 2016 River Rats Clean-Up. Saturday, April 23 is Earth Day in Chicago. Come clean your local park or preserve from 9AM-12PM!

Even if you don’t attend an official event, you can still help keep your community clean. Some of the easiest ways to do this are by keeping a trash bag in your car so you aren’t tempted to throw things out the window, making sure your trash cans have lids, and tying together any loose garbage so it doesn’t blow away in the wind.

What are you planning on doing to help keep Chicago beautiful?

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